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The Trojan Women (Ancient Greek: Τρῳάδες, Trōiades, Latin: Troades), also translated as The Women of Troy, and also known by its transliterated Greek title Troades, is a tragedy by the Greek playwright Euripides. Produced in 415 BC during the Peloponnesian War, it is often considered a commentary on the capture of the Aegean island of Melos and the subsequent slaughter and subjugation of its populace by the Athenians earlier that year (see History of Milos). 415 BC was also the year of the scandalous desecration of the hermai and the Athenians' second expedition to Sicily, events which may also have influenced the author.

Greek Monolingual

αἱ, Α
βλ. Τρωάς.


als: Die Troerinnen; ca: Les troianes; de: Die Troerinnen; el: Τρωάδες; en: The Trojan Women; es: Las troyanas; fi: Troijan naiset; fr: Les Troyennes; he: נשות טרויה; hr: Trojanke; is: Trójukonur; it: Le troiane; ja: トロイアの女; ko: 트로이아 여인들; la: Troades; ml: ട്രോജൻ വനിതകൾ; nl: Trojaanse vrouwen; no: Trojanerinnene; pl: Trojanki; pt: As Troianas; ru: Троянки; sh: Trojanke; tl: Kababaihan ng Troya; tr: Troyalı Kadınlar; uk: Троянки; zh: 特洛伊妇女