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Ἔρως ἀνίκατε μάχαν -> O love, invincible in battle!
Sophocles, Antigone, 781

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P. and V. καιρός, ὁ.

critical moment: P. and V. ἀκμή, ἡ, ἀγών, ὁ.

to have reached a crisis: P. εἰς ἀνάγκην ἀφῖχθαι, ἐπ' ἀκμὴν ἥκειν.

is it not now the crisis? V. οὐ γὰρ νῦν ἀκμή; (Eur., Electra 275).

in the crisis of fate: V. ἐν χρείᾳ τύχης (Aesch., Seven Against Thebes 506).

the trouble is at its beginning, and not yet at the crisis: V. ἐν ἀρχῇ πῆμα, κοὐδέπω μεσοῖ (Eur., Medea 60).

be at a crisis: V. ἐν ῥοπῇ κεῖσθαι (Soph., Trachiniae 82), P. ἐπὶ ῥοπῆς μιᾶς εἶναι (Thuc. 5, I03).

at so dread a crisis do ye stand: V. ὦδ' ἔβητ' ἐπὶ ξυροῦ (Eur., Hercules Furens 630).

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Latin > English (Lewis & Short)

crĭsis: is, f., = κρίσις, medic. t. t.,
I a decision, crisis, Sen. Ep. 83, 4.

Latin > French (Gaffiot)

crĭsis,¹⁶ acc. in, pl. es, f. (κρίσις), crise [médec.] : Sen. Ep. 83, 4 ; naturæ conflictus quos Græci crises appellant C. Aur. Acut. 2, 19, 120, les assauts de la nature que les Grecs appellent crises.

Latin > German (Georges)

crisis, Akk. im, f. (κρίσις), die Entscheidung, entscheidende Wendung, Krisis, eandem crisim habere, Sen. ep. 83, 4 H.

Dutch > Greek

crisis = κρίσις

(Translation based on the reversal of Mijnwoordenboek's Ancient Greek to Dutch dictionary)

Latin > English

crisis crisos/is N F :: judgment (literary); crisis, critical stage in one's life; decision (L+S)