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Μολὼν λαβέ -> Come and take them
Plutarch, Apophthegmata Laconica 225C12

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v. trans.

Show: P. and V. φαίνειν. δηλοῦν, σημαίνειν (Plat.), δεικνύναι. Explain: P. and V. ἐξηγεῖσθαι, ἑρμηνεύειν, φράζειν; see explain. Give an example of: P. παράδειγμα διδόναι (gen.). He will choose the most suitable of the events that illustrate his subject: P. τῶν πράξεων τῶν συντεινουσῶν πρὸς τὴν ὑπόθεσιν ἐκλέξεται τὰς πρεπωδεστάτας (Isoc., Antid. 121).