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Solon the Athenian

Latin > English (Lewis & Short)

culpātus: a, um, Part. and P. a., from culpo.

Latin > French (Gaffiot)

culpātus,¹⁶ a, um, part. de culpo || adjt, blâmable, coupable : Ov. H. 20, 36 ; Sil. 9, 55 ; culpatius Gell. 11, 7, 1.

Latin > German (Georges)

culpātus, a, um, PAdi. (v. culpo), tadelnswert, vinum, verdorbener, Macr. sat. 7, 6, 12: Compar., culpatius esse arbitror, Gell. 11, 7, 1.

Latin > English

culpatus culpata -um, culpatior -or -us, culpatissimus -a -um ADJ :: reprehensible, deserving of censure; corrupted (L+S)