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Full diacritics: ἐνμεντευθενί Medium diacritics: ἐνμεντευθενί Low diacritics: ενμεντευθενί Capitals: ΕΝΜΕΝΤΕΥΘΕΝΙ
Transliteration A: enmenteuthení Transliteration B: enmenteutheni Transliteration C: enmenteftheni Beta Code: e)nmenteuqeni/

English (LSJ)

Com. tmesis for ἐντευθενὶ μέν, Metag.6.5.

German (Pape)

[Seite 846] = ἐντεῦθεν μέν, Metag. bei Ath. VI, 269 f.

Spanish (DGE)

adv. cóm. de allí mismo ποτάμι' ἐ. ῥεῖ Metag.6.5, cf. ἐντευθενί.