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Φιλοκαλοῦμέν τε γὰρ μετ' εὐτελείας καὶ φιλοσοφοῦμεν ἄνευ μαλακίας -> Our love of what is beautiful does not lead to extravagance; our love of the things of the mind does not makes us soft.
Τhucydides, 2.40.1
Full diacritics: ὠμιαία Medium diacritics: ὠμιαία Low diacritics: ωμιαία Capitals: ΩΜΙΑΙΑ
Transliteration A: ōmiaía Transliteration B: ōmiaia Transliteration C: omiaia Beta Code: w)miai/a

English (LSJ)

φλέψ, the

   A humero-cephalic vein, Gal.18(1).386, al.    II neut. pl. ὠμιαῖα, νεῦρα shoulder-muscles, Arist.HA515b10, cf. Hld. 10.27.

Greek (Liddell-Scott)

ὠμιαία: ἡ, ἤ ἴσως ὁ δελτοειδὴς μῦς, Ἀριστ. περὶ τὰ Ζῷα Ἱστ. 3. 5, 4, Γαλην. 18, 1. 386.