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v. trans. or absol.

P. and V. συμφέρειν (dat.), ὠφελεῖν (acc. or dat.), ἐπωφελεῖν (acc. or dat.), ἀρκεῖν (dat.), ὀνινάναι (acc.).

Have power: P. and V. δύνασθαι, ἰσχύειν, Ar. and V. σθένειν.

Avail oneself of: P. and V. χρῆσθαι (dat.), P. ἀποχρῆσθαι (dat.).

Enjoy fruits of: P. and V. καρποῦσθαι (acc.), ἀπολαύειν (gen.), V. ἐπαυρίσκεσθαι (gen.).


Advantage: P. and V. κέρδος, τὸ; see advantage.

It is of no avail: P. οὐδέν προὔργου ἐστί.

Of what avail is it? P. and V. τί πλέον ἐστί;

Of no avail, useless: use adj., P. and V. ἄχρηστος, ἀχρεῖος, ἀνωφελής; see useless.