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Τὸ νικᾶν αὐτὸν αὑτὸν πασῶν νικῶν πρώτη τε καὶ ἀρίστη. Τὸ δὲ ἡττᾶσθαι αὐτὸν ὑφ' ἑαυτοῦ πάντων αἴσχιστόν τε ἅμα καὶ κάκιστον. → Τo conquer yourself is the first and best victory of all, while to be conquered by yourself is of all the most shameful as well as evil
Plato, Laws, 626e

Latin > English (Lewis & Short)

crĕātrix: īcis, f. creator,
I she who brings forth or produces, a mother (poet.): natura rerum, Lucr. 1, 630 al.: mea, patria (with genetrix), Cat. 63, 50: diva (of a mother), Verg. A. 8, 534; cf.: Alexandri Magni, Olympias, Aur. Vict. Epit. 40: dira bellorum (tellus), Sil. 15, 184; Ambros. Fid. 4, 30, 3.

Latin > French (Gaffiot 2016)

crĕātrīx,¹³ īcis, f. (creator), créatrice : Lucr. 1, 630 || mère : Virg. En. 8, 534.

Latin > German (Georges)

creātrīx, trīcis, f. (Fem. zu creator, s. Charis. 44, 7), die Hervorbringerin, Urheberin, Mutter, natura cr. rerum, Lucr.: patria o mea cr.! Catull.: cr. diva, Verg.: bellorum cr. tellus, Sil.: Olympias Alexandri Magni cr., Aur. vict. epit. 40, 17: außerdem Augustin. de ver. rel. 7, 13 u.a. Eccl.

Latin > English

creatrix creatricis N F :: mother, she who brings forth; creator (of the world); authoress, creatress