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Ὦ ξεῖν’, ἀγγέλλειν Λακεδαιμονίοις ὅτι τῇδε κείμεθα τοῖς κείνων ῥήμασι πειθόμενοι. -> Go tell the Spartans, stranger passing by, that here, obedient to their laws, we lie.
Simonides of Kea

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P. and V. χόρτος, ὁ (Xen.); see fodder. Provisions.: P. and V. τροφή, ἡ, σῖτος, ὁ. Ar. and P. σιτία, τά, P. τὰ ἐπιτήδεια. v. intrans. P. ἐπισιτίζεσθαι.