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Ἦθος ἀνθρώπῳ δαίμων -> A man's character is his fate
Heraclitus, fr. B 119 Diels

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P. and V. χρεία, ἡ.

lack: P. and V. σπάνις, ἡ, ἀπορία, ἡ, ἐρημία, ἡ, P. ἔνδεια, ἡ, V. ἀχηνία, ἡ.

poverty: P. and V. πενία, ἡ, ἀπορία, ἡ, P. ἔνδεια, ἡ.

what is needful: P. and V. τὸ δέον, τὰ δέοντα.

necessity: P. and V. ἀνάγκη, ἡ.

difficulties: P. and V. τὰ δεινά.

in time of need: P. and V. ἐν τῷ δέοντι, V. ἐν δέοντι.

there is need of, v.:P. and V. δεῖ (gen.).

there is further need of: P. προσδεῖ (gen.).

be in need of: see need.

be in need, be poor: P. and V. πένεσθαι, ἀπορεῖν.

needs: P. and V. τὰ ἀναγκαῖα (V. τἀναγκαῖα), τὸ δέον, τὰ δέοντα.

v. trans.

P. and V. δεῖσθαι (gen.), V. χατίζειν (gen.), χρῄζειν (gen.).

lack: P. and V. σπανίζειν (gen.) (also pass. in V.), ἀπορεῖν (gen.), P. ἐνδεῖν (or mid.) (gen.). V. πένεσθαι (gen.).

be deficient in: P. and V. ἐλλείπειν (gen.), ἀπολείπεσθαι (gen.), V. λείπεσθαι (gen.).

needing: use also V. κεχρημένος (gen.).

need in addition: P. προσδεῖσθαι (gen.).

you need not: use P. and V. οὐ δεῖ σε (infin.).