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P. and V. καίπερ, περ (enclitic).

(Both take the participle and are used when the subject of the main and subordinate clause are the same.) Even if: P. and V. εἰ καί, κεἰ, ἐὰν καί, ἢν καί, κἄν.

Though is often expressed by the genitive absolute. Rash girl! though Creon has forbidden it? V. ὦ σχετλία, Κρέοντος ἀντειρηκότος; (Soph., Ant. 47).

Not though: P. and V. οὐδʼ εἰ, οὐδʼ ἐάν, οὐδʼ ἤν.

As though, as if: P. and V. ὡσπερεί.