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Μὴ φῦναι τὸν ἅπαντα νικᾷ λόγον -> Not to be born is, past all prizing, best.
Sophocles, Oedipus Coloneus l. 1225

English > Greek (Woodhouse)

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P. and V. τεῖχος, τό.

Wall of a house: P. and V. τοῖχος, ὁ, Ar. and P. τειχίον, τό.

Cyclopean walls: V. Κυκλώπων βάθρα, τά (Eur., H. F. 944), Κυκλώπια, τά (Eur., H. F. 998; cp. also H. F. 15).

Cross wall: P. παρατείχισμα, τό, ὑποτείχισμα, τό.

Build a cross wall: P. ἐγκάρσιον τεῖχος ἄγειν (Thuc. 6, 99).

Go to the wall, v. met.: P. ἐλασσοῦσθαι.

v. trans.

Ar. and P. τειχίζειν.

Wall in: Ar. and P. διατειχίζειν, περιτειχίζειν.

Wall off: Ar. and P. ἀποτειχίζειν, P. διοικοδομεῖν.

Some were even walled up in the temple of Dionysus and left to die: P. οἱ δέ τινες καὶ περιοικοδομηθέντες ἐν τοῦ Διονύσου τῷ ἱερῷ ἀπέθανον (Thuc. 3, 81).

Wall round: Ar. and P. περιτειχίζειν.