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Τὸ νικᾶν αὐτὸν αὑτὸν πασῶν νικῶν πρώτη τε καὶ ἀρίστη -> The first and best victory is to conquer self.
Plato, Laws 626e

Latin > English (Lewis & Short)

ăbĭtĭo: ōnis, f. abeo,
I a going away, departure.
I In gen. (ante-class. for abitus), Plaut. Rud. 2, 6, 19; Ter. Heaut. 1, 2, 16.—
II In partic., = mors, death, acc. to Gloss. ap. Paul. ex Fest. p. 380, 9 Müll.

Latin > French (Gaffiot)

ăbĭtĭō, ōnis, f., départ : Pl. Rud. 503 ; Ter. Haut. 190.

Latin > German (Georges)

abitio, ōnis, f. (abeo), das Weggehen, Fortgehen, hinc abitio, Plaut. rud. 503: haec abitio evenit, Ter. heaut. 190. – v. Lebl., solis occasus et abitio, Iul. Val. 3, 26 (17).

Latin > English

abitio abitionis N F :: departure; going away, departing