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Ἦθος ἀνθρώπῳ δαίμων -> A man's character is his fate
Heraclitus, fr. B 119 Diels

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P. and V. ἀπών.

From home: P. and V. ἔκδημος, V. θυραῖος.

Forgetful: Ar. and P. ἐπιλήσμων.

Be absent: P. and V. ἀπεῖναι, ἀποστατεῖν (Plat.), P. ἀπογίγνεσθαι.

Be from home: P. and V. ἐκδημεῖν, Ar. and P. ἀποδημεῖν.

It is nothing. Finish your tale. I was absent in mind: V. οὐδὲν· πέραινε δʼ ἐξέβην γὰρ ἄλλοσε (Eur., I. T. 781).