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Ὁ δὲ μὴ δυνάμενος κοινωνεῖν ἢ μηδὲν δεόμενος δι' αὐτάρκειαν οὐθὲν μέρος πόλεως, ὥστε ἢ θηρίονθεός → Whoever is incapable of associating, or has no need to because of self-sufficiency, is no part of a state; so he is either a beast or a god
Aristotle, Politics

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laughter: P. and V. γέλως, ὁ.

pleasure: P. and V. ἡδονή, ἡ.

pastime: P. and V. παιδιά, ἡ, διατριβή, ἡ.

way of spending time: P. and V. διατριβή, ἡ.

holidaymaking: P. and V. ἑορτή, ἡ.

spectacle: Ar. and P. θεωρία, ἡ; see spectacle.

fond of amusement, adj.: P. φιλοθεάμων (Plato).

fond of laughter: P. φιλόγελως (Plato).

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παίγνιον, παιδιά