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P. and V. ὅπλα, τά, V. τεύχη, τά; see also war.

Arms stripped from the dead: P. and V. σκῦλα, τά (sing. also in V.), σκυλεύματα, τά, V. λάφυρα, τά; see strip.

Bear arms against, v.: P. ὅπλα ἐπιφέρειν (dat.).

By force of arms: P. κατὰ κράτος.

By violence: P. and V. βίᾳ.

Carry arms, v.: P. σιδηροφορεῖν, or mid.

Take up arms, v.: P. and V. πόλεμον αἴρεσθαι.

Under arms: P. and V. ἐν ὅπλοις, P. σὺν ὅπλοις, V. ἐφʼ ὅπλοις.

Wearing similar arms, adj.: P. ὁμόσκευος.