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τύμβος, ὦ νυμφεῖον, ὦ κατασκαφής οἴκησις αἰείφρουρος, οἷ πορεύομαι πρὸς τοὺς ἐμαυτῆς -> Tomb, bridal chamber, eternal prison in the caverned rock, whither I go to find mine own.
Sophocles, Antigone, 883

English > Greek (Woodhouse)

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v. trans.

Use P. ἀηδίαν παρέχειν (dat.).

Annoy: P. and V. λυπεῖν, ἀνιᾶν, ὄχλον παρέχειν (dat.), Ar. and P. ἐνοχλεῖν (acc. or dat.), V. ὀχλεῖν.

Be disgusted: P. and V. ἄχθεσθαι, P. δυσχεραίνειν, Ar. and P. ἀγανακτεῖν.

Be disgusted with: P. and V. ἄχθεσθαι (dat.), P. χαλεπῶς φέρειν (acc.), δυσχεραίνειν (acc. or dat.), Ar. and P. ἀγανακτεῖν (dat.).

Have had a surfeit of: P. and V. πλησθῆναι (1st aor. pass. of πιμπλάναι) (gen.) (Plat.), Ar. and V. κορεσθῆναι (1st aor. pass. of κορεννύναι) (gen.).


P. and V. δυσχέρεια, ἡ, P. ἀηδία, ἡ, V. ἄση. ἡ (Eur., Med. 245; also Plat. but rare P.).

Satiety: P. and V. κόρος, ὁ (Plat.), πλησμονή, ἡ (Plat.).