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Τὰ πάντα ῥεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει -> Everything flows and nothing stands still

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v. trans.

Declare in words: P. and V. λέγειν, εἰπεῖν, φράζειν, V. ἐννέπειν; see say. Indicate: P. and V. δηλοῦν, δεικνύναι, φαίνειν; see show. Portray, represent: P. and V. εἰκάζειν. P. παραδεικνύναι. Express (views, feelings, etc.): P. and V. παρέχειν (or mid.), προτίθεσθαι; see exhibit, bring forward. Express thanks: P. and V. χάριν εἰδέναι. Express (an opinion): P. and V. ἀποφαίνεσθαι, P. ἀποδείκνυσθαι. adj. Clear, explicit: P. and V. σαφής. For the express purpose: use expressly. Quick: P. and V. ταχύς. subs. Use messenger.