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in all senses: P. and V. πρῶτος.

first in importance, use also V. πρεσβύτατος, πρέσβιστος.

first-born: P. and V. πρεσβύτατος, V. πρέσβιστος.

be first born, v.; P. and V. πρεσβεύειν.

you must go first: V. σοὶ βαδιστέον πάρος (Soph., Electra 1502).

the first comer, any chance person: P. and V. ὁ τυχών, ὁ ἐπιτυχών, ὁ προστυχών, ὁ συντυχών, P. ὁ ἐντυχών, ὁ παρατυχών, V. ὁ ἐπιών, ὁ φθάσας.

the first place, primacy: P. and V. πρεσβεῖα, τά; see primacy.

have the first place, v.: P. πρωτεύειν, V. πρεσβεύειν, πρεσβεύεσθαι.

give the first place to: P. and V. πρεσβεύειν (acc.) (Plato).

first prize: P. πρωτεῖον (or pl.).

the first day of the month: Ar. and P. ἕνη καὶ νέα.

those who are the first to confer a favour: P. οἱ προϋπάρχοντες τῷ ποιεῖν εὖ (Dem. 471).

be the first to do a thing: P. and V. ἄρχειν; see begin.

in the first place: P. and V. πρῶτον, τὸ πρῶτον, πρώτιστον, Ar. and V. πρῶτα, πρώτιστα.

for the first time: P. and V. πρῶτον, Ar. and V. πρῶτα.

at first: P. and V. τὸ πρῶτον.

originally: P. and V. τὸ ἀρχαῖον, P. κατ' ἀρχάς.


P. and V. πρῶτον, τὸ πρῶτον, πρώτιστον, Ar. and V. πρῶτα, πρώτιστα..

earlier, before something else: P. and V. πρότερον.

be first: P. and V. φθάνω, φθάνειν, προφθάνειν; see also begin.

first and foremost: P. and V. τὸ μὲν μέγιστον, μάλιστα μέν.

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