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P. and V. ζῶν, ἔμψυχος. Breathing: P. and V. ἔμπνους, use also V. βλέπων φάος, ὁρῶν. subs. Means of support: P. and V. βίος, ὁ, Ar. and V. βίοτος, ὁ. Make a living, v.: P. βιοτεύειν, Ar. and P. ζῆν, P. and V. διαζῆν, V. συλλέγειν βίον. Worth living, adj.: Ar. and P. βιωτός, V. βιώσιμος. Life is not worth living: P. and V. ἀβίωτόν (ἐστι), Ar. and P. οὐ βιωτόν ἐστι. How is life worth living: V. τί μοι βιώσιμον. Or else he says life is not worth living: Ar. ἤ φησιν οὐ βιωτὸν αὑτῷ τὸν βίον (Pl. 197).