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Μολὼν λαβέ -> Come and take them
Plutarch, Apophthegmata Laconica 225C12

English > Greek (Woodhouse)

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Ar. and V. κλῇθρα, τά. Bolt for fastening: P. and V. μοχλός, ὁ. Lock of hair: Ar. and V. πλόκαμος, ὁ, βόστρυχος, ὁ, V. πλόκος, ὁ, φόβη, ἡ. A lock of shorn hair: V. κουρὰ τριχός, ἡ. v. trans. P. and V. κλῄειν, συγκλῄειν, ἀποκλῄειν, Ar. and P. κατακλῄειν; see keep. Foot locked with foot, and foeman fronting foe: V. ποὺς ἐπαλλαχθεὶς ποδὶ ἀνὴρ δʼ ἐπʼ ἀνδρὶ στάς (Eur., Heracl. 836). Locked in one another's arms: V. ἐπʼ ἀλλήλοισιν ἀμφικείμενοι (Soph., O.C. 1620). Lock in: P. and V. εἴργειν, κατείργειν, ἐγκλῄειν (Plat.), V. συνείργειν. Lock out: P. and V. εἴργειν, ἐξείργειν, ἀπείργειν, ἐκκλῄειν, ἀποκλῄειν. Lock together: P. and V. συγκλῄειν. Lock up: P. and V. ἐγκλῄειν; see lock in.