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P. and V. μέσος.

adopt a middle course in one's speech: P. τὰ μεταξύ λέγειν (Dem. 202.).

a man of the middle class: P. μέσος πολίτης, ὁ.

the shrine at earth's middle point: V. μεσόμφαλον ἵδρυμα (Aesch., Choe. 1036).

the middle point of the earth: P. and V. ὀμφαλός, ὁ (Plat., Rep. 427C).


P. and V. τὸ μέσον.

in the middle of the city: P. and V. ἐν μέσῃ τῇ πόλει.

rising in the middle of dinner: P. ἐξαναστάντες μεταξύ δειπνοῦντες (Dem. 284).

break up a party in the middle: P. μεταξύ διαλῦσαι τὴν συνουσίαν (Plat., Prot. 336E).

be at the middle, v.; P. and V. μεσοῦν.

they put the small boats in the middle: P. τὰ λεπτὰ πλοῖα . . . ἐντὸς ποιοῦνται (Thuc. 2, 83).

waist: see waist.