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Φιλοκαλοῦμέν τε γὰρ μετ' εὐτελείας καὶ φιλοσοφοῦμεν ἄνευ μαλακίας -> Our love of what is beautiful does not lead to extravagance; our love of the things of the mind does not makes us soft.
Τhucydides, 2.40.1

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P. κίνησις, ἡ. Motion from one place to another: P. φορά, ἡ. Set in motion: P. and V. κινεῖν. Set (troops) in motion: P. ἀνιστάναι (acc.). When he sees the army in motion: P. ὡς ὁρᾷ τὸ στράτευμα κινούμενον. Proposal: P. and V. ψήφισμα, τό, Ar. and P. γνώμη, ἡ. Make a motion: P. γνωμὴν προτιθέναι, γνωμὴν εἰσφέρειν. Put a motion to the vote: P. γνώμην ἐπιψηφίζειν. v. intrans. Make signs: P. and V. σημαίνειν, P. ἐπινεύειν, Ar. and V. νεύειν. Motion away: V. ἐκνεύειν (acc.).