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Σκιᾶς ὄναρ ἄνθρωπος -> Man is a dream of a shadow
Pindar, Pythian 8.95f.

English > Greek (Woodhouse)

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P. and V. πρᾶσις, ἀπεμπολή, ἡ (Soph., Frag.).

On sale, for sale: use adj., Ar. and P. ὤνιος, P. πράσιμος, P. and V. ὠνητός.

Put up for sail, v.: P. ὑποκηρύσσεσθαι.

Latin > English (Lewis & Short)

sălĕ: is, v. sal
I init.

Latin > French (Gaffiot)

(1) sălĕ, is, n., v. sal.

Latin > German (Georges)

sale, is, n., das Salz, s. sal.