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v. trans.

search for: P. and V. ζητεῖν (acc.), ἐρευνᾶν (acc.), V. ἐξερευνᾶν (acc.).

seek for: P. and V. μετέρχεσθαι (acc.), ζητεῖν (acc.), ἐρευνᾶν (acc.), P. ἐπιζητεῖν (acc.), Ar. and V. μεθήκειν (acc.), ματεύειν (acc.), V. μαστεύειν (acc.), μεταστείχειν (acc.), μετοίχεσθαι (acc.).

seek after, seek to get: P. and V. θηρεύειν (acc.), μετέρχεσθαι (acc.), ζητεῖν (acc.), V. θηρᾶν (or mid.); see also desire.

track: P. and V. ἰχνεύειν (Plat.); see track.

have recourse to: P. and V. τρέπεσθαι πρός (acc.), or εἰς, (acc.).

With infin., P. and V. ζητεῖν, V. ματεύειν, μαστεύειν.

be eager (with infin.):P. and V. σπεύδειν, σπουδάζειν, προθυμεῖσθαι; see under eager.

they will come seeking a union that may not be sought: V. ἥξουσι θηρεύοντες οὐ θηρασίμους γάμους (Aesch., P.V. 858).