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Ὁ δ' ἀνεξέταστος βίος οὐ βιωτὸς ἀνθρώπῳ -> The unexamined life is not worth living
Plato, Apology of Socrates 38a

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v. trans.

Of clothes, weapons, etc.: P. and V. φορεῖν, ἔχειν.

wear arms: (absol.) P. σιδηροφορεῖν (or mid.).

Wear out: P. and V. τρίβειν, Ar. and P. κατατρίβειν.

Met.; see weary.

Worn by chariot wheels: V. ἐπημαξευμένος τροχοῖσι (Soph., Ant. 251); see beaten.

Wear away: P. and V. τρίβειν. Ar. and P. κατατρίβειν.

V. intrans. last: P. and V. ἀντέχειν; see last.

Wear away: P. and V. τρίβεσθαι. Ar. and P. κατατρίβεσθαι.

Wear off, pass away: P. and V. ἀπορρεῖν, διαρρεῖν; see fade.

Wear out (clothes): Ar. and P. κατατρίβειν.

Exhaust: P. and V. τρύχειν (only pass. in P.), Ar. and P. ἀποκναίειν, κατατρίβειν. P. ἐκτρυχοῦν, τρίβειν,V. τρύειν (pass. also in Plat. but rare P.), Ar. and V. τείρειν, V. γυμνάζειν.

Be worn out, of clothes: Ar. and P. κατατρίβεσθαι.

Met., P. and V. τρύχεσθαι, πιέζεσθαι, Ar. and V. τείρεσθαι, V. καταξαίνεσθαι; see waste away.

Flag, faint: P. ἀπαγορεύειν, παραλύεσθαι, ἀποκάμνειν, Ar. and P. ταλαιπωρεῖσθαι, κατατρίβεσθαι, P. and V. ἀπειπεῖν, κάμνειν (rare P.); see flag.