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Ἢ τὰν ἢ ἐπὶ τᾶς -> Either with this or on this | Come back victorious or dead
Plutarch, Moralia 241
Full diacritics: δᾳδόομαι Medium diacritics: δᾳδόομαι Low diacritics: δαδόομαι Capitals: ΔΑΔΟΟΜΑΙ
Transliteration A: dāidóomai Transliteration B: dadoomai Transliteration C: dadoomai Beta Code: da|do/omai

English (LSJ)

Pass., (δᾴς)

   A become afflicted with resin-glut, Thphr.CP5.11.3.

German (Pape)

[Seite 513] pass., kienig werden, Theophr.

Greek (Liddell-Scott)

δᾳδόομαι: παθ. (δᾴς) μεταβάλλομαι εἰς δᾷδα, Θεόφρ. Αἰτ. Φ. 5. 11, 3.

Spanish (DGE)

hacerse resinoso, tener un exceso de resina ὅταν αἱ ῥίζαι δᾳδωθῶσι Thphr.CP 5.11.3, cf. 6.11.6.