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Pindar, Pythian 8.95f.
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Full diacritics: ἀθήρωμα Medium diacritics: ἀθήρωμα Low diacritics: αθήρωμα Capitals: ΑΘΗΡΩΜΑ
Transliteration A: athḗrōma Transliteration B: athērōma Transliteration C: athiroma Beta Code: a)qh/rwma

English (LSJ)

ατος, τό, A tumour full of gruel-like matter (ἀθήρη), Gal.10.985, Heliod. ap. Orib. 45.5tit.

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Greek (Liddell-Scott)

ἀθήρωμα: -ατος, τό, οἴδημα πλῆρες ὕλης προσομοιαζούσης τὸν ζωμὸν χονδροαλεσμένης ζειᾶς· (ἀθήρης), Γαλην.

Spanish (DGE)

-ματος, τό
• Alolema(s): ἀθέρωμα Gal.7.718, Heliod. en Orib.45.5 tít., Cels.7.6.1, Thessal.112.6
medic. hinchazón o tumor (lleno de materia parecida a papilla), Gal.7.718, 10.985, 19.440, Heliod. en Orib.l.c., Cels.l.c., Thessal.l.c.