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Profitable: Ar. and P. κερδαλέος, P. λυσιτελής; superlative, use V. κέρδιστος.

Beneficial: P. and V. σύμφορος, συμφέρων, χρήσιμος, πρόσφορος, Ar. and P. ὠφέλιμος, Ar. and V. ὠφελήσιμος, V. ὀνήσιμος.

Suitable: P. ἐπίκαιρος.

Be advantageous, v.: P. and V. συμφέρειν, ὠφελεῖν, Ar. and P. λυσιτελεῖν, V. λύειν τέλη or λύειν alone; see profit.