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beneath: P. and V. ὑπό (gen., V. also dat.; see under), Ar. and P. ὑπένερθε (gen.), V. ἔνερθε, ἔνερθεν (gen.), νέρθε, νέρθεν (gen.), κάτω (gen.).

inferior to: use adj., P. and V. ἥσσων (gen.), ὕστερος (gen.).


P. and V. κάτω, V. ἔνερθε, νέρθε, νέρθεν.

from below: P. and V. κάτωθεν.

a little below on the left hand you may perchance see a spring of water: V. βαιὸν δʼ ἔνερθεν εξ ἀριστερᾶς τάχ’ ἀν ἴδοις ποτὸν κρηναῖον (Soph., Ph. 20, 21).

those below, i. e., the dead: P. and V. οἱ κάτω, οἱ κάτωθεν, V. οἱ ἔνερθε, οἱ ἐνέρτεροι, οἱ νέρτεροι, οἱ κατὰ χθονός.

the world below: P. and V. ᾍδης, ὁ; see under world.