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P. and V. σῶμα, τό, V. δέμας, τό; see also flesh.

Dead body: P. and V. νεκρός, ὁ, σῶμα, τό, Ar. and V. νέκυς, ὁ, V. δέμας, τό.

Trunk: P. and V. κύτος, τό (Plat.).

Frame (of things): P. σῶμα, τό; see frame.

Group of individuals: P. and V. σύνοδος, ἡ, σύστασις, ἡ.

The body politic: Ar. and P. τὸ κοινόν, P. and V. ἡ πόλις.

In a body: P. and V. ἁθρόοι.

With three bodies, adj.: V. τρισώματος.

Exercise of the body: P. σωμασκία, ἡ.

Be strong in body, v.: Ar. and V. εὐσωματεῖν.