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P. and V. πυκνός, Ar. and P. συχνός.

verb transitive

V. ἐπιστρωφᾶσθαι, πολεῖν, πατεῖν, ἐμβατεύειν (acc. or gen.), P. and V. ἀναστρέφεσθαι (ἐν, dat.), περιπολεῖν.

come frequently to: P. and V. φοιτᾶν; (εἰς acc. or ἐπί, acc.), P. θαμίζειν (εἰς, acc.).

dwell in: P. and V. ἔχειν; (acc.), νέμειν (acc.) (or mid.) (rare P.), Ar. and V. ναίειν; (acc.); see inhabit.

a tiller of the soil, frequenting but little the town and marketplace: V. ὀλιγάκις ἄστυ κἀγορᾶς χραίνων κύκλον αὐτουργός (Euripides, Orestes 919).

Dutch > Greek

frequent = πυκνός

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