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v. intrans.

Exist: P. and V. ζῆν, εἶναι. Breathe: P. and V. ἐμπνεῖν (Plat.), V. ἔχειν πνοάς, or use V. φῶς ὁρᾶν (cf. P. οἳ νῦν ὁρῶσι τοῦ ἡλίου τὸ φῶς διʼ ἐμέ) (Andoc. 9), φάος βλέπειν, or βλέπειν alone, λεύσσειν φάος, αὐγὰς εἰσορᾶν. Short in any case was the time left you to live: V. βραχὺς δε σοί. πάντως ὁ λοιπὸς ἦν βιώσιμος χρόνος (Eur., Alc. 649). Pass one's life: P. and V. βιῶναι (2nd aor. of βιοῦν), διάγειν, διαιτᾶσθαι, P. διαβιῶναι (2nd aor. of διαβιοῦν), V. καταζῆν βίον, ἡμερεύειν. Live one's life to the end: P. and V. βίον διαζῆν, or διαζῆν alone, Ar. and P. διαγίγνεσθαι, V. βίον διαφέρειν, or διαφέρειν alone (or mid.). Endure, last: P. and V. μένειν, παραμένειν, ἀντέχειν, P. συμμένειν, V. ζῆν. Dwell: see dwell. Live in the open: P. and V. αὐλίζεσθαι, καταυλίζεσθαι (Xen.), ἐναυλίζεσθαι (Act. used once in V.). Make a living: P. βιοτεύειν, Ar. and P. ζῆν, P. and V. διαζῆν. He lives on what he collects, begs and borrows: P. ἀφʼ ὧν ἀγείρει καὶ προσαιτεῖ καὶ δανείζεται ἀπὸ τούτων διάγει (Dem. 96). Live as a citizen: P. and V. πολιτεύεσθαι (Eur., Frag.). You will live to wish: P. ἔτι βουλήσεσθε (Thuc. 6, 86). Which of these bad forms of government is the least trying to live under: P. τίς τῶν οὐκ ὀρθῶν πολιτειῶν ἥκιστα χαλεπὴ συζῆν (Plat., Pol. 302B). Live with: P. and V. συνοικεῖν (absol. or dat.), συνεῖναι (absol. or dat.), V. συνναίειν (dat.), P. συμβιῶναι (dat. or absol.) (2nd aor. of συμβιοῦν), Ar. and P. συζῆν (dat. or absol.). Live with in marriage: P. and V. συνοικεῖν (dat.), συνεῖναι (dat.). Disagreeable to live with: P. συνημερεύειν ἀηδής (Plat.). If you are unfitted to live with: V. εἰ συνεῖναι μὴ ʼπιτηδεία κυρεῖς (Eur., And. 206). Worth living, adj.: see under living.