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Ar. and V. στόλος, ὁ. Task: P. and V. ἔργον, τό, P. πραγματεία, ἡ. Aim: P. προαίρεσις, ἡ. Embassy: Ar. and P. πρεσβεία, ἡ. Body of ambassadors: P. and V. πρέσβεις, οἱ, Ar. and P. πρεσβεία, ἡ, V. πρεσβεύματα, τά. Go on a mission, v.: P. and V. πέμπεσθαι, V. στέλλεσθαι. Go as ambassador: Ar. and P. πρεσβεύειν. Sacred embassy (to a shrine, etc.): P. θεωρία, ἡ; see envoy.