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Cras amet qui numquam amavit quique amavit cras amet -> May he love tomorrow who has never loved before; And may he who has loved, love tomorrow as well
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P. and V. 蠁蠀蟿蠈谓, 蟿蠈, V. 蠁蠉位位慰谓, 蟿蠈, 蠁蠀位位维蟼, 峒.

verb transitive

P. and V. 蠁蠀蟿蔚蠉蔚喂谓.

sow: P. and V. 蟽蟺蔚委蟻蔚喂谓.

fix: P. also V. 蟺畏纬谓蠉谓伪喂, Ar. 魏伪蟿伪蟺畏纬谓蠉谓伪喂.

put down firmly: P. and V. 蟿喂胃苇谓伪喂 (or mid.), 峒愊佄滴次滴刮 (Plato but rare P.), V. 峒谓蟿蔚蟻蔚委未蔚喂谓.

planting her foot against the side of the unhappy man: V. 蟺位蔚蠉蟻伪喂蟽喂谓 峒谓蟿喂尾峋断兾 蟿慰峥 未蠀蟽未伪委渭慰谓慰蟼 (Eur., Bacchae 1126).

plant against: P. and 蟺蟻慰蟽尾维位位蔚喂谓 (蟿委 蟿喂谓喂).

to plant against the towers a foothold of firm ladders: V. 蟺蟻慰蟽蠁苇蟻蔚喂谓 蟺蠉蟻纬慰喂蟽喂 蟺畏魏蟿峥段 魏位喂渭维魏蠅谓 蟺蟻慰蟽伪渭尾维蟽蔚喂蟼 (Eur., Phoenissae 488).

plant in: Ar. and V. 峒愇轿毕佄枷屛段滴刮 (蟿委 蟿喂谓喂) (Eur., Phoenissae 1413).

planted at his post: V. 蟿维尉喂谓 峒愇嘉参滴蚕幭 (Eur., Hercules Furens 164).

planted firmly: Ar. and V. 蟺畏魏蟿蠈蟼.

settle (persons or things): P. and V. 慰峒拔何段滴刮, 魏伪蟿慰喂魏委味蔚喂谓, 峒蔽聪佅嵨滴刮, 魏伪胃喂未蟻蠉蔚喂谓.

plant (a colony): P. and V. 魏蟿委味蔚喂谓, 慰峒拔何段滴刮, 魏伪蟿慰喂魏委味蔚喂谓.

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plant = 蟺蠈伪

(Translation based on the reversal of Mijnwoordenboek's Ancient Greek to Dutch dictionary)