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Μή, φίλα ψυχά, βίον ἀθάνατον σπεῦδε, τὰν δ' ἔμπρακτον ἄντλει μαχανάν -> Oh! my soul do not aspire to eternal life, but exhaust the limits of the possible
Pindar, Pythian, 3.61f.

Latin > English (Lewis & Short)

postĕro: āvi, 1, v. a. id..—Lit.,
I to be behind or later, to come after,—Trop., to be inferior to, to want, to come short of, = ὑστερέω (post-class.): cum oliva tota nigrescet, quod speciei merito posteravit, fundendi ubertate compensat, Pall 12, 4.

Latin > French (Gaffiot)

postĕrō, āre (posterus), intr., être inférieur : Pall. 12, 4, 1.

Latin > German (Georges)

postero, āvī, āre (posterus), etwas spät tun, verspäten, quod posteravit (sc. oliva), Pallad. 12, 4, 1.