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Ἀλλ’ ἐσθ’ ὁ θάνατος λοῖσθος ἰατρός κακῶν -> But death is the ultimate healer of ills
Sophocles, Fragment 698

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P. and V. μάντις, ὁ, προφήτης, ὁ. One who speaks by oracles: Ar. and P. χρησμολόγος, ὁ, P. χρησμῳδός, ὁ. Soothsayer: P. τερατοσκόπος, ὁ, V. τερασκόπος, ὁ, Ar. and V. θυηπόλος, ὁ. Augur: V. οἰωνόμαντις, ὁ, οἰωνοσκόπος, ὁ. Sure prophet: use adj. V. ἀριστόμαντις. Any one who predicts the future: P. and V. μάντις, ὁ (Dem. 252).