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Ὦ ξεῖν’, ἀγγέλλειν Λακεδαιμονίοις ὅτι τῇδε κείμεθα τοῖς κείνων ῥήμασι πειθόμενοι. -> Go tell the Spartans, stranger passing by, that here, obedient to their laws, we lie.
Simonides of Kea

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Alleviation: P. and V. ἀναψυχή, ἡ (Plat.), παραψυχή, P. παραμύθιον, τό, κούφισις, ἡ (Thuc.), V. ἀνακούφισις, ἡ. Cessation: P. and V. ἀνάπαυλα, ἡ, παῦλα, ἡ. Abatement: P. λώφησις, ἡ. Have relief from: P. and V. λωφᾶν (gen.). When his body hath relief from sickness: V. ὅταν μὲν σῶμα κουφισθῇ νόσου (Eur., Or. 43). Recreation: P. ῥᾳστώνη, ἡ. Breathing space: P. and V. ἀναπνοή, ἡ (Plat.), V. ἀμπνοή, ἡ. Relief from: P. and V. ἀνάπαυλα, ἡ (gen.), παῦλα, ἡ (gen.), διάλυσις, ἡ (gen.), V. ἀνακούφισις, ἡ (gen.). Riddance: P. and V. λύσις, ἡ, ἀπαλλαγή, ἡ. Help: P. βοήθεια, ἡ. Reliefs, relays. — Apportioning (the work) among themselves in reliefs: P. διηρῃμένοι κατʼ ἀναπαύλας (Thuc. 2, 75). When the Phocian general sent for the cavalry from Argura to act as reliefs: P. ἐπειδὴ ὁ στρατηγὸς Φωκίων μετεπέμπετο τοὺς ἐξ Ἀργούρας ἱππέας ἐπὶ τὴν διαδοχήν (Dem. 567). Fifty trireme set sail as reliefs and put in at Egypt: P. πεντήκοντα τριήρεις διάδοχοι πλέουσαι ἐς Αἴγυπτον ἔσχον (Thuc. 1, 110). In sculpture, work in relief: P. ἐκτύπωμα, τό, V. τύποι, οἱ (Eur., Phoen. 1130). Work in relief, v. trans.: P. ἐκτυποῦν.