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v. trans.

P. and V. κρούειν, τύπτειν, κόπτειν, πατάξαι (1st aor. of πατάσσειν), Ar. and V. παίειν (rare P.), θείνειν, ἀράσσειν; see also destroy.

Be smitten: P. and V. πληγῆναι (2nd aor. pass. of πλήσσειν).

Smite with a missile: P. and V. βάλλειν.

Smite with a javelin: P. and V. ἀκοντίζειν.

Smite with a loud noise: P. and V. κροτεῖν (acc.).

Clash together: P. and V. συμβάλλειν.

Met., smite (with fear, etc.): P. and V. ἐκπλήσσειν.

Affict: P. and V. πιέζειν, κακοῦν, λυπεῖν; affict.

Be smitten (with disease, etc.): P. and V. συνέχεσθαι (dat.).

Chasten: P. and V. κολάζειν, σωφρονίζειν, ῥυθμίζειν (Plat.); see chasten.