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P. and V. τράπεζα, ἡ.

Met., board: P. and V. τράπεζα, ἡ.

The pleasures of the table: P. αἱ περὶ ἐδωδὰς ἡδοναί (Plat., Rep. 389E).

You deign to feed at the same table: V. συντράπεζον ἀξιοῖς ἔχειν βίον (Eur., And. 658).

Tables of the law: Ar. and P. κύρβεις, αἱ or οἱ, P. ἄξονες, οἱ.

Tables on which treaties, etc., were written: Ar. and P. στήλη, ἡ.

List: Ar. and P. κατάλογος, ὁ; see list.