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Heraclitus, fr. B 119 Diels

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P. ἁπαλότης, ἡ (Plato).

softness: P. μαλακότης, ἡ (Plato).

effeminacy: P. and V. τρυφή, ἡ, ἁβρότης, ἡ, P. μαλακία, ἡ.

weakness: P. and V. ἀσθένεια, ἡ (rare V.).

gentleness: P. πραότης, ἡ; see gentleness.

affection, goodwill: P. and V. εὔνοια, ἡ.

pain: P. and V. ὀδύνη, ἡ, λύπη, ἡ; see pain.