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Ὃν οἱ θεοὶ φιλοῦσιν ἀποθνήσκει νέος → He whom the gods love dies young
Menander, fr. 125
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Full diacritics: πρέπων Medium diacritics: πρέπων Low diacritics: πρέπων Capitals: ΠΡΕΠΩΝ
Transliteration A: prépōn Transliteration B: prepōn Transliteration C: prepon Beta Code: pre/pwn

English (LSJ)

οντος, ὁ, a sea-fish, Opp.H.1.146, Ael.NA9.38.

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German (Pape)

[Seite 698] οντος, ὁ, ein unbestimmter Meerfisch; Opp. Hal. 1, 146; Ael. H. A. 9, 38.

Greek (Liddell-Scott)

πρέπων: -οντος, ὁ, ἰχθύς τις θαλάσσης, Ὀππ. Ἁλ. 1. 146, Αἰλ. π. Ζ. 9. 38.

French (Bailly abrégé)

οντος (ὁ) :
sorte de poisson de mer.
Étymologie: DELG πρέπω.

English (Woodhouse)

πρέπων = appropriate, becoming, befitting, fit, fitting, proper, suitable

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