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Γελᾷ δ' ὁ μωρός, κἄν τι μὴ γέλοιον ᾖ -> The fool laughs even when there's nothing to laugh at
Full diacritics: ἀνηπλωμένως Medium diacritics: ἀνηπλωμένως Low diacritics: ανηπλωμένως Capitals: ΑΝΗΠΛΩΜΕΝΩΣ
Transliteration A: anēplōménōs Transliteration B: anēplōmenōs Transliteration C: aniplomenos Beta Code: a)nhplwme/nws

English (LSJ)

Adv. pf. part. Pass. of ἀναπλόω,

   A at length, in detail, opp. συνῃρημένως, τὸν λόγον παραδίδωσι Ph.1215.20; ἀ. καὶ ἀφηγηματικῶς Aps.p.243 H.

Spanish (DGE)

adv. largamente, detalladamente εἶτα καὶ ἀ. αὐτὸν (un razonamiento) παραδίδωσι Ph.1215.20, ἀ. καὶ ἀφηγηματικῶς Aps.p.243.