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Φοβοῦ τὸ γῆρας, οὐ γὰρ ἔρχεται μόνον -> Fear old age, for it never comes alone
Full diacritics: ἐσκάλισις Medium diacritics: ἐσκάλισις Low diacritics: εσκάλισις Capitals: ΕΣΚΑΛΙΣΙΣ
Transliteration A: eskálisis Transliteration B: eskalisis Transliteration C: eskalisis Beta Code: e)ska/lisis

English (LSJ)

εως, ἡ, prob.

   A packing in a wooden crate (cf. κᾶλον), IG4.1485.85 (Epid.); cf. παρκάλισις and perh. διακάλισις, unless all three words belong to καλινδέω (καλίω).