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Γελᾷ δ' ὁ μωρός, κἄν τι μὴ γέλοιον ᾖ -> The fool laughs even when there's nothing to laugh at

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opposed to idleness: P. and V. πρᾶξις, ἡ; see act.

the hands of the young are braced for action: V. νέων τοι δρᾶν μὲν ἔντονοι χέρες (Eur., Frag.).

at law: P. and V. δίκη, ἡ, ἀγών, ὁ.

bring action against: P. εἰς ἀγῶνα καθιστάναι (acc.).

virtue, power (of drugs, etc.): V. δύνασις, ἡ, ἰσχύς, ἡ.

battle: P. and V. ἔργον, τό.

put ships out of action: P. ναῦς ἄπλους ποιεῖν (Thuc. 7, 34).

some seven (ships) were put out of action: P. ἑπτά τινες ἄπλοι ἐγένοντο (Thuc. 7, 34).

action, as opposed to passivity: P. πρᾶξις, ἡ.