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Φιλοκαλοῦμέν τε γὰρ μετ' εὐτελείας καὶ φιλοσοφοῦμεν ἄνευ μαλακίας -> Our love of what is beautiful does not lead to extravagance; our love of the things of the mind does not makes us soft.
Τhucydides, 2.40.1

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v. trans.

Help on, advance: P. and V. σπεύδειν, ἐπισπεύδειν. With non-personal subject: P. προφέρειν εἰς (acc.). adj. More: P. and V. πλείων, V. ὑπέρτερος. Of distance: use adv. On the further side: P. ἐν τῷ πέραν. On the further side of: P. and V. τἀπέκεινα (gen.), V. τοὐκεῖθεν (gen.). That there should be no further unpleasantness: P. μηδεμίαν εἶναι ἀηδίαν περαιτέρω (Dem. 1169). adv. Of distance; P. and V. πέρα, περαιτέρω, P. πορρωτέρω, μακροτέραν. Besides, furthermore: P. and V. ἔτι, πρὸς τούτοις, ἐπὶ τούτοις, V. καὶ πρός, πρός (rare P.), Ar. and P. προσέτι. More, in addition: P. and P. περαιτέρω, πέρα.