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Δύο γὰρ, ἐπιστήμη τε καὶ δόξα, ὧν τὸ μὲν ἐπίστασθαι ποιέει, τὸ δὲ ἀγνοεῖν.

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P. and V. ψεῦδος, τό, V. ψύθος, τό.

tell lies of, v.:Ar. and P. καταψεύδεσθαι (gen.).

verb intransitive

P. and V. ψεύδεσθαι, καταψεύδεσθαι, V. ψευδηγορεῖν.

lying, false, use adj.: P. and V. ψευδής.

verb intransitive

be in a certain situation: P. and V. κεῖσθαι.

geographically: P. and V. κεῖσθαι, ἱδρῦσθαι (perf. pass. ἱδρύειν).

of a ship: P. and V. ὁρμεῖν, ὁρμίζεσθαι.

recline: Ar. and P. κατακλίνεσθαι, V. κλίνεσθαι.

lie buried: P. and V. κεῖσθαι.

lie down: Ar. and P. κατακεῖσθαι.

go to bed: P. and V. κοιμᾶσθαι.

lie hid: see hide.

lie in ambush for: P. and V. ἐφεδρεύειν (dat.), P. ἐνεδρεύειν (acc.), V. λοχᾶν (acc.); see under ambush.

lie in state (awaiting burial): P. and V. προκεῖσθαι.

lie in wait for: P. and V. φυλάσσειν (acc.), τηρεῖν (acc.).

lie off (of islands off a coast); P. ἐπικεῖσθαι (dat. or absol.).

of a ship: P. ἐφορμεῖν (dat.).

lie on: P. ἐπικεῖσθαι (dat.).

lie under: P. ὑποκεῖσθαι (dat. or absol.).

Met., P. and V. συνέχεσθαι (dat.), συνεῖναι (dat.).

lie under suspicion: P. and V. ὕποπτος εἶναι.

lie up: Ar. and P. κατακλίνεσθαι.

lie upon: P. ἐπικεῖσθαι (dat.).