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v. trans.

P. and V. κτᾶσθαι, κατακτᾶσθαι, λαμβάνειν; see also receive.

win for oneself: P. and V. φέρεσθαι, ἐκφέρεσθαι, κομίζεσθαι, εὑρίσκεσθαι, Ar. and V. φέρειν (also Plat. but rare P.), εὑρίσκειν, V. ἄρνυσθαι (also Plat. but rare P.), ἀνύτεσθαι; see win.

meet with: P. and V. τυγχάνειν (gen.), προστυγχάνειν (gen. or dat.) (Plat.), Ar. and V. κυρεῖν (gen.).

obtain something for a person: see secure.

obtain by lot or destiny: P. and V. λαγχάνειν (acc.), διαλαγχάνειν (acc.) (Plat.), κληροῦσθαι (acc. or gen.), V. ἀπολαγχάνειν (acc.), Ar. and V. ἐκλαγχάνειν (acc.).

obtain in addition: P. and V. ἐπικτᾶσθαι, προσλαμβάνειν, P. προσκτᾶσθαι.

obtain in return: P. ἀντιτυγχάνειν (gen.).

help to obtain: P. συγκτᾶσθαί (τινι), συγκατακτᾶσθαί (τινί τι).

V. intrans. the report obtains: P, ὁ λόγος κατέχει; see prevail.