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Δύο γὰρ, ἐπιστήμη τε καὶ δόξα, ὧν τὸ μὲν ἐπίστασθαι ποιέει, τὸ δὲ ἀγνοεῖν.

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P. ζωγράφημα, τό, P. and V. γραφή, ἡ, γράμμα, τό, V. ἄγαλμα, τό, εἰκών, ἡ.

Met., representation: P. and V. μίμημα, τό, εἰκών, ἡ.

account, description: P. and V. λόγος, ὁ.

give a picture of, describe, met.: P. and V. διέρχεσθαι, Ar. and P. διεξέρχεσθαι.

verb transitive

describe: see describe.

picture to oneself: P. and V. νοεῖν (or mid.), ἐννοεῖν (or mid.).