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v. trans.

P. and V. ἔχειν κεκτῆσθαι (perf. of κτᾶσθαι), Ar. and V. πεπᾶσθαι (perf. of πάεσθαι) (also Xen.).

be master of: P. and V. κρατεῖν (gen.), V. κρατύνειν (gen.).

possess oneself of: P. and V. ἐφάπτεσθαι (gen.); see seize.

be possessed (by a god): P. and V. κατέχεσθαι, ἐνθουσιᾶν, βακχεύειν (Plat.), V. δαιμονᾶν (also Xen. but rare P.).

she was possessed by Bacchus: V. ἐκ Βακχίου κατείχετο (Eur., Bacch. 1124).